David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

David Lynch…David Lynch…David Lynch…that name sounds familiar. Oh yeah, he’s that director of odd films like Blue Velvet and Eraserhead. And now he’s releasing albums?? Okay…then I read a little and found out not only is he a musician, but he also paints, is a photographer and makes furniture. Basically there is precious little in the arts that this man cannot do. Or at least doesn’t attempt to do. A lot of creative output going on here. This is the first solo album for Lynch.  He wrote all the songs and sings and plays guitar on all 14 tracks. As you might expect the music is odd and the lyrics are obscure. At times it sounds like a mix of Moby, Neil Young and Kraftwerk filled with multiple layers and plenty of ambiance. His vocals are all electronically filtered in an admission of lack of vocal talent. After listening you realize as strange as it is, it is exactly as you would expect from David Lynch. Open your mind and give Lynch’s crazy world a chance.

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