Modern Family: The Complete Second Season – Blu-ray Edition

Winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and everyone’s favourite new comedy on television. There is not one person who has watched Modern Family and not come away from it loving the Dunphys, Pritchetts and Pritchett-Tuckers.  They are endearing, quirky, zany, and always hilarious. You have one traditional mother-father and kids family. One headed by married gay males who have adopted a baby girl. And finally an older man married to his second wife who is much younger, Columbian and has a young son. Three different types of families with the bottom line being that all of them will make you laugh.

Episode 1: The Old Wagon: Claire (played by Julie Bowen) asks Phil (played by Ty Burrell) to get rid of their old station wagon and then has second thoughts about it.

Episode 2: The Kiss: Cameron (played by Eric Stonestreet) gets upset at what he sees as Mitchell’s (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) lack of affection.

Episode 3: Earthquake: Claire gets locked in the bathroom with the plumber when an earthquake happens.

Episode 4: Strangers on a Treadmill: Haley (played by Sarah Hyland) tries to help Alex (played by Ariel Winter) be friends with a cool and popular girl.

Episode 5: Unplugged: Phil, Claire and the kids have a contest to see who can go without any electronic devices the longest.

Episode 6: Halloween: Claire tries to organize Halloween, Jay (played by Ed O’Neill) and Manny (played by Rico Rodriguez) tease Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) about her accent and language skills and Halloween brings back traumatic memories for Cameron.

Episode 7: Chirp: Cameron goes against Mitchell’s wishes and puts Lily in a commercial and Claire and Haley get sick at the same time.

Episode 8: Manny Get Your Gun: The entire family gets together at a restaurant for Manny’s birthday.

Episode 9: Mother Tucker: Mitchell is totally uncomfortable with Cameron’s mother’s (played by Celia Weston) touchiness and Phil isn’t taking Haley’s break up with Dylan (played by Reid Ewing) well.

Episode 10: Dance Dance Revelation: Mitchell and Cameron are shocked to find out Lily is a biter and Claire doesn’t handle Gloria being her co-chair at the school dance well.

Episode 11: Slow Down Your Neighbors: Claire is trying to get a woman from the neighborhood (played by Jami Gertz) to slow down when driving through and this is awkward for Phil who is trying to sell the woman’s house.

Episode 12: Our Children, Ourselves: Mitchell runs into an ex-girlfriend (played by Mary Lynn Rajskub) when out with Cameron and Gloria tries to make new friends for her and Jay.

Episode 13: Caught in the Act: Claire and Phil are caught in bed by their kids and Jay and Gloria’s vacation to Vegas is delayed by an email.

Episode 14: Bixby’s Back: It’s Valentine’s Day and Claire and Phil bring back Clive and Juliana and Jay’s surprise dinner for Gloria is not going as planned.

Episode 15: Princess Party: Mitchell does not want Cameron to be Fizbo the Clown for Lily’s birthday party. Claire and Mitchell’s mother (played by Shelly Long) attends the party with one of Claire’s ex-boyfriends (played by Matt Damon).

Episode 16: Regrets Only: After Claire and Phil get into a huge argument Gloria and Jay try to help them. Cameron asks Mitchell and Luke (played by Nolan Gould) for their help with a fundraising event he’s hosting.

Episode 17: Two Monkeys and a Panda: Phil sneaks off for a day at the spa and Cameron decides to write a book about him and Mitchell adopting Lily.

Episode 18: Boys’ Night: Claire and Phil worry when Luke becomes friends with the elderly next door neighbor (played by Philip Baker Hall). Haley babysits Lily.

Episode 19: The Musical Man: Cameron goes a little overboard when he is named the interim musical director at Luke and Manny’s school.

Episode 20: Someone to Watch Over Lily: Mitchell and Cameron want a legal guardian for Lily so they assess their families.

Episode 21: Mother’s Day: Claire and Gloria simply want to go hiking with their kids on Mother’s Day but it’s not that simple.

Episode 22: Good Cop, Bad Dog: Claire and Phil swap roles for a day with Claire being the good, fun parent and Phil being the disciplinarian.

Episode 23: See You Next Fall: The whole family gets together for Alex’s graduation ceremony from junior high.

Episode 24: The One That Got Away: Jay wants a quiet birthday fishing on the lake but the members of his family get in the way with good intentions.

Special Features: Deleted Family Interviews, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Imagine Me Naked – Music Video, Gag Reel, Modern Family Holidays, Waiting for Oprah, Chatting with Steve Levitan, At Home With Modern Family, Strangers on a Treadmill – Table Read

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