Open Hand – Mark of the Demon

Indie rock band Open Hand hails from California and have been together since 1999 when former Saosin drummer Alex Rodriguez and guitarist/vocalist Justin Isham got together. The lineup has undergone several changes over their 12 years together. Expanding to its largest seven members, Open Hand is now settled into a power trio format. Isham has been joined by drummer Erik Valentine and bassist Ethan Novak. This album, released by Blacktop Records, is a compilation of songs from different incarnations of the group including with Rodriguez. Will give you an idea where the band has been and is going. Mark of the Demon is billed as a mini EP and features a 10:35 minute medley of their songs.  You get a snippet of a lot of the songs from their catalogue. You’ll hear that they are a rock outfit that has leanings towards progressive rock. If you like what you hear keep the faith as the band is writing some new material and is hoping to release another album in the spring of 2012.

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