SpongeBob SquarePants: Tales From the Deep

Nickelodeon’s number one animated underwater series. Granted it isn’t a large category, but, hey, number one is number one. The show is appropriate for ages 4-12, but nothing really that will scare younger ones. Even though I do not fall into that category I still enjoy SpongeBob and this collection contains some really good episodes.  My favourite is House Party, which is a double-episode.

Episode 1: House Party – Double Length Episode: SpongeBob throws a party which is a dud until he locks himself out of the house.

Episode 2: Hall Monitor: Every dog has its day and it is Spongebob’s turn as hall monitor, but it turns into a disaster when the power goes to his head.

Episode 3: I Had an Accident: SpongeBob goes sand sledding and all is fine and dandy until he breaks his butt and is afraid to leave the house afterwards.

Episode 4: Valentine’s Day: It is Valentine’s and SpongeBob is trying to spread love through all of Bikini Bottom.

Episode 5: Just One Bite: SpongeBob is shocked when he learns that Squidward has never tried a Krabby Patty so he makes it his life’s mission to get him to try one.

Episode 6: Mermaidman and Barnacleboy: SpongeBob and Patrick try to convince their favourite superheroes, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, to come out of retirement.

Episode 7: Tea of the Treedome: SpongeBob gets an invite to Sandy’s air-filled treedome.

Episode 8: The Paper: Only SpongeBob can make a single sheet of paper into hours and hours of fun.

Episode 9: Born Again Krabs: Mr. Krabs ends up in the hospital after eating a moldy Krabby Patty.

Special Features: “Underwater Sun” Music Video, Drawing the Goo Lagoon, “SpongeBob’s House Party” Storyboard

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