What’s Your Number?: Ex-tended Edition

While I am an unabashed fan of romantic comedies I do have my standards.  This one ranks beneath the median line of enjoyment for me. Too bad because it wasn’t in 3D, so it had that going for it.  Ok, in all seriousness the film does have the whole Anna Farris cuteness/likability factor going for it and that makes the fact that it is not really enjoyable surprising.  Anna Farris is a good comedic actress, she can look silly and fall down on her face with the best of them, but even she could not rescue this mess.

Ally (Anna Farris – House Bunny, Scary Movie 4) is a nice, good looking young woman who when it comes to men has had the worst luck.  She has kissed more than her share of frogs.  Having had rotten luck lately, what with being fired from her job and breaking up with her latest boyfriend, this is a particularly low point in her romantic life.  Trying to distract herself, Ally decides to go see her sister (Ari Graynor – Mystic River, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) and on the way she flips through a woman’s magazine and stumbles upon an article that says that 96% of women with more than 20 sexual partners are unable to find a husband.  This stat astounds and frightens Ally as she is at number 19.  Ally vows she will not sleep with another man until she has found her future husband.  She begins to wonder if maybe one of her exes is Mr. Right.  So Ally, with the help of her a different woman every night neighbour Colin (Chris Evans – Captain America: The First Avenger, Fantastic Four), begins tracking down all her exes.

I’m not even going to go into the whole double standard aspect of this film with a woman being worried that her number of sexual partners is too high.  So wrong!   And if I have to explain to you why then forget it, you are a lost cause.  I wasn’t expecting a class in feminist theory when I started watching the film, but I wasn’t expecting it to be totally offensive when it comes to that subject.  But the fact that Ally is looked at a particular way and her dog of a next door neighbour, who has definitely had more sexual partners, is seen as an attractive partner was almost too much for me to take.  Something like this moves the film out of the fluff category and into offensive.

Anna Farris plays Ally as your typical bubbly blonde.  Even if you overlook the fact that they want you to believe that an attractive blonde living in a big city like Boston would have trouble finding a suitable mate, it is still a way too far out there film.  And that is after giving it the amount of leeway that is normal for romantic comedies.

Much of the humour is of the sexual variety.  Which is to be expected in a romantic comedy.  I did laugh, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to laugh more and wasn’t provided with the material to do so.  Most of it falls flat and I really have to blame Mark Mylod (director of many episodes of television’s Entourage) as his editing decisions often made me scratch my head.  Just when things got going a little they were suddenly and inexplicably cut off.  Why?  It makes everything flat.  Not good if you are looking for laughs.

Special Features:

– Deleted Scenes & Flashback Dates
-Theatrical Trailer

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