Towards the end of the 80s they attempted to revive the classic television spy series. It was an expected move that they redo older series as television was faced with a possible writer’s strike. Rehashing the past made sense in that light. Though it is not as good as the original it is still a decent show.  It only lasted two seasons as it was soon up against The Cosby Show.

Episode 1: The Killer: A protégés of Jim’s (played by Peter Graves) is murdered forcing him to come out of retirement to help to catch the killer.

Episode 2: The System: In order to eliminate a major crime syndicate the team attempts to turn a mobster against his boss.

Episode 3: Holograms: Extradition is the goal when the team goes after an international drug lord.

Episode 4: The Condemned: A former IMF agent is wrongfully imprisoned for a murder he did not commit and the team is trying to free him.

Episode 5: The Legacy: The grandsons of four Nazi officers assemble in order to collect gold hidden by Hitler himself and to begin the Fourth Reich.

Episode 6: The Wall: Jim and the team try to stop a German doctor and colonel who are running a human trafficking operation.

Episode 7: The Cattle King: In order to capture an Australian international arms dealer the IMF team and a group of aboriginals team up.

Episode 8: The Pawn: A chess tournament in Czechoslovakia provides the perfect cover for the IMF team’s attempts to smuggle a European chess master, a rogues Russian scientist and his daughter out of the Soviet Union.

Episode 9: The Haunting: Jim Phelps and the IMF team are assigned the task of getting the evidence of whether or whether not the son of a wealthy and influential Hawaiian family is responsible for a bunch of murders.

Episode 10: The Lions: Jim and the team make sure the struggle between a prince and his uncle over the throne doesn’t turn deadly.

Episode 11: The Greek: A Greek tycoon who runs drugs is the target of the IMF.

Episode 12: The Fortune: After stealing all of his country’s money, a dictator is looking for asylum in the United States.

Episode 13: The Fixer: A Washington journalist uses whatever dirt he has gathered over his career to blackmail government officials until he is brought before a grand juy.

Episode 14: Spy: The team has to locate a former MI-6 agent and spy as rumour has it that he has begun to make his own chemical weapon and sell it.

Episode 15: The Devils: Some mysterious occurrences are happening around the country estate of a member of the English House of Lords and so IMF is called in to investigate.

Episode 16: The Plague: The IMF team has to locate a the lethal bacteria stolen by a Parisian nightclub owner before there is a global outbreak.

Episode 17: Reprisal: Retired IMF agents are being murdered and the suspect is an ex-IMF agent, who is framing Jim for the killings.

Episode 18: Submarine: The IMF has to try and unearth the developer of a computer virus that can sink any naval vessel.

Episode 19: Bayou: A jazz club owner in New Orleans is suspected of running a white slavery ring and the IMF team is on the case.