Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires

The band originally from Northern Ireland has been a commercial success pretty much out of the gate. Well, I mean after surviving a little misstep while signed to an indie label. After signing with the Polydor (Universal family) label they have done very well for themselves, thank you.  Their sixth studio album should continue the hot trend they have been on. Though they are still in the indie or alt rock arena the sound of the band has undergone some change on Fallen Empires. Now longtime fans should not slit their wrists as there is still a definite Brit rock vibe going on. The sound is more a dancey (don’t know what else to call it) and expansive one. Several tracks feature some electro beats and all of it is certainly more radio friendly. Maybe it is because they recorded most of the album in California. Maybe it was the help they got on the album from REM’s Michael Stipe and Queens of the Stone Age’s guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. Whatever the reason I likey! Despite the turn to incorporating dance beats in their music they haven’t had to sacrifice substance. A band that has always been able to create and record music that makes you feel, the emotion is still there in every nook and cranny.  They believe in the power of love and will do their best to make every listener hop onto that band wagon.  The poetic lyrics transform what could be through away songs into rock anthems. A very accessible record that will bring the band a whole new legion of fans.

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