The Game: The Fourth Season

Though this is not classic television, it certainly is enjoyable. I was thrilled when I found out that BET was bringing back the series (after WB had cancelled it). It is now two years later and as we left Melanie (played by Tia Mowry) and Derwin (played by Pooch Hall) were at the altar. Melanie is now Mrs. Davis and has put her medical career on pause to be a full-time football wife. Derwin has become a star player and a popular one under the guidance of his manager, Tasha (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson).  Her son and the San Diego quarterback, Malik (played by Hosea Chanchez), is still living high on the horse. Former teammate Jason (played by Coby Bell) is out of football and co-hosting a sports talk show. He and Kelly (played by Brittany Daniel) are still divorced.

Episode 1: Parachutes…Beach Chairs: Melanie goes behind Derwin’s back to conduct a paternity test on his son. Kelly now has her own reality series. Malik begins an affair with the Sabres’ owner’s wife.

Episode 2: The Confession Episode: Melanie fesses up to Derwin about the paternity test. The Sabres officially release Jason and he proceeds to say bad things about his former team on his sports talk show.

Episode 3: The Wing King: Malik, who has gone wild, is arrested. Te Te (played by Barry Floyd) tells Malik he is no longer going to clean up his messes.

Episode 4: It Was All Good Just a Week Ago: Malik goes on Jason’s show to right things and ends up making things worse. Derwin, wanting no bad publicity, distances himself from Malik. Malik checks into rehab after a talk with Parker.

Episode 5: Men in Crisis: Derwin is lying to Melanie so he can spend time with his son at Janay’s (played by Gabrielle Dennis) house. Dante (played by Terrence Jenkins) and Tasha have a big fight about money.

Episode 6: Don’t You Know Who I Was?: Malik flees from rehab. Then he gets into a fight with Derwin and Jason. Kelly tries to be part of the Sunshine Girls again.

Episode 7: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello: Derwin and Jason bring Malik back to rehab. Kelly is trying to save her reality show.

Episode 8: A Very Special Episode: Melanie, who is worried about the sexy fan mail Derwin receives, decides to spice up things up in bed. Parker does not want Malik to be happy with Jenna.

Episode 9: Whip It…Whip it Good: Melanie is not happy with all the attention that Derwin is getting from her parents. Tasha babysits Brittany (played by Katlynn Smith). Jason realizes he has to be a more hands on father.

Episode 10: Never Surrender!: Malik realizes he has to change his ways as he is in love with Jenna (played by Tika Sumpter). Tasha wants to keep her break up with Dante a secret from everyone.

Episode 11: Death Becomes Her: Malik is depressed after Jenna leaves him. Parker tells her husband about her and Malik. Melanie and Derwin decide to try and start a family.

Episode 12: The Right to Choose: Tasha is Malik’s manager once again.  Bo’s (played by Mario Van Peeples) secret comes out. Derwin learns something shocking about Melanie.

Special Features: Bringin’ Back The Game, Playing The Game, Gag Reel

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