Elika – Always the Light

Elika is the Brooklyn based duo made up of Evagelia Maravelias and Brian Wenkebach. There are a lot of male/female duos going on now in music, right? Ok, that was an aside. Recording together since 2006, Elika produces a type of music called electrogaze. There are ten tracks on this album that are all quite emotional and you’ll find yourself riding the wave with them. Evagelia’s voice wavers between sweet and haunting. The music is heavy on the synths, percussion and other electronic instruments as you would expect. With the combination of the sparse atmospheric music, distinctive vocals and dark lyrics you get the feeling that the two spend a lot of time staring at their own navels.  Lots of inward looking stuff. Some would call it self indulgent, I would rather say philosophical as there as signs that they do raise their eyes and ears to take in what is going on around them. At times you will hear some Kate Bush, others The Cure and then some Celtic sounds. There definitely are signs that they are trying to expand their sound

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