Monte Carlo

A light comedy meant for early teenaged year girls.  That doesn’t mean it has to be necessarily bad does it?  I didn’t think so. Apparently Thomas Bezucha (The Family Stone) did not get that memo.

Grace (Selena Gomez – from television’s Wizards of Waverly Place) has just two more days in her senior year of high school.  She cannot wait until it is over.  Working as a waitress in a diner with her older friend, Emma (Katie Cassidy – Taken, Click), is as exciting as it gets for Grace in her small town in Texas.  Her mom (played by Andie MacDowell – Four Weddings & a Funeral, Groundhog Day) is married to Robert (Brett Cullen – Ghost Rider, Apollo 13), her stepfather. He has a daughter named Meg (Leighton Meester – from television’s Gossip Girl).

Meg has been a dull and practical girl since her mother died.  Her mom and Robert have bought her a suitcase for her trip to Paris.  They want the stepsisters to go to Paris together.  Neither of the girls is happy about it.  Grace just wants to go with Emma.  After Paris Grace will be going to NYU.  She is going to Paris to “find” her life.

Emma’s boyfriend Owen (Cory Monteith – from television’s Glee) doesn’t want her to go, so he proposes.  Of course, she refuses and goes anyway.

Once in Paris the three girls discover the tour and accommodations are not exactly what they expected.  The one bright spot is when Meg meets an Australian boy named Riley (Luke Bracey).  After ducking into a hotel to get out of the rain Grace is mistaken for rebellious heiress Cordelia Winthrop Scott and ends up pretending to be her.

Soon Grace, Meg and Emma are staying in 5 star hotels, being followed by paparazzi, being chauffer driven, and flying in a private jet to Monte Carlo.  You know eventually someone is going to catch on that it is Grace and not Cordelia.  Until then the three ladies are going to ride the wave.

Selena Gomez is another young female product of a Disney produced television show.  This film seems more like a Disney television film.  It has that kind of feel and lower production value about it.  I couldn’t take it seriously from the very first scenes.  It was done before it ever really began.

Then if you heap on the worn out “be yourself and don’t pretend to be anyone else” message on top it becomes even more unbearable. Plus even though it pretends to dole out positive messages it contradicts itself by there being no repercussions suffered by the girls for having pretended to be someone else.  No lessons learned by them.  They got away with it for the most part and two of them got boyfriends out of it.

Back to Selena.  If you are a fan of hers then you will enjoy it.  Mostly because you will love anything she does.  I think it comes to a point that all these teen idols have to do is just stand there and the fans will go bonkers.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Monte Carlo Match Up

-Ding-Dang Delicious: The Boys of Monte Carlo

-Backstage Pass

-Theatrical Trailer

-Sneak Peeks of Marley & Me: The Puppy Years and Million Moments

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