The Lucy Show: The Official Fifth Season

She was for many years America’s favourite redhead and probably one of the most beloved comedic actresses ever. Lucille Ball had a flair for comedy that you don’t see every day. It is difficult but she made it seem simple. Plenty of fun results when she gets together with her blustering sidekick Gale Gordon. Guest stars this season include former co-star Vivian Vance, John Wayne, Carole Burnett, and George Burns.

Episode 1: Lucy and George Burns: George Burns spends a few moments with Lucy (played by Lucille Ball) at the bank and realizes he has comedy gold on his hands so he asks her to join his comedy show.

Episode 2: Lucy and the Submarines: In a rush to get to his assigned submarine when he is called up for two weeks of naval reserve, Mr. Mooney (played by Gale Gordon) forgets to sign some important papers and so Lucy comes up with the idea of disguising herself as a sailor to get on board and get the papers to him.

Episode 3: Lucy, The Bean Queen: Lucy comes up with a plan to make money for the new furniture she wants to buy by using a canned bean manufacturer’s “double your money back” guarantee.

Episode 4: Lucy and Paul Winchell: Mr. Mooney is having no luck finding a celebrity act for the bank benefit so Lucy asks ventriloquist Paul Winchell.

Episode 5: Lucy and the Ring-A-Ding Ring: Lucy cannot get off her finger the very expensive ring that Mr. Mooney has bought for his wife for their wedding anniversary.

Episode 6: Lucy Flies to London: Lucy wins a trip to London and then ends up missing her flight. As luck would have it she ends up on a flight with Mr. Mooney to New York.

Episode 7: Lucy Gets a Roommate: To cut her costs, Lucy takes on librarian Carol Bradford (played by Carol Burnett) as her roommate.

Episode 8: Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs: Pretending to be ill so she can have some time off at the bank and then go with Carol to a gig at the Palm Springs Golf Tournament, Lucy is put in an awkward position when she runs into Mr. Mooney.

Episode 9: Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft: The government mistakenly sends Lucy a letter informing her or “Lou C” that she has been drafted.

Episode 10: Lucy and John Wayne: Mr. Mooney sends Lucy to the movie studio with strict orders to stay away from John Wayne. Well, she ends up having lunch with Mr. Wayne.

Episode 11: Lucy and Pat Collins: Lucy believes that Pat Collins “The Hip Hypnotist” is just the cure for Mr. Mooney’s insomnia.

Episode 12: Mooney the Monkey: Lucy has been working very hard and believes that she has had a nervous breakdown when she sees a monkey in Mr. Mooney’s chair.

Episode 13: Lucy and the Efficiency Expert: Lucy becomes a protégé of the efficiency expert sent to the bank.

Episode 14: Lucy’s Substitute Secretary: Lucy has a planned vacation but she is hesitant to go on it when she realizes her replacement is a beautiful blonde who is looking to make it a permanent switch.

Episode 15: Viv Visits Lucy: Vivian (played by Vivian Vance) comes to visit Lucy and, of course, they get into all kinds of trouble together.

Episode 16: Lucy, the Babysitter: Trying to prove Mr. Mooney wrong when he says that she could not find another job, Lucy goes to an employment agency and takes the unusual job of babysitting a trio of young monkeys.

Episode 17: Main Street, U.S.A.: Lucy becomes involved in the effort to stop the Main Street of a small town from being destroyed.

Episode 18: Lucy Puts Main Street on the Map: Lucy and her friend Mel Tinker (played by Mel Torme) decide to start up a national campaign to save all small town main streets.

Episode 19: Lucy Meets the Law: Lucy thinks she has been arrested for littering when really she has been mistaken for a redheaded shoplifter.

Episode 20: Lucy, the Fight Manager: Lucy convinces a retired boxer (played by Don Rickles) who is now a florist deliveryman to fight again in order to get the money he needs to buy the flower shop.

Episode 21: Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford: In order to help Mr. Mooney keep his job Lucy tries to convince millionaire country singer Henry Higgins (played by Tennessee Ernie Ford) to open an account at the bank.

Episode 22: Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard: Mr. Mooney has given Sheldon Leonard permission to shoot a bank heist scene at the bank but hasn’t told Lucy.

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