The guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore travel over to the country of their ancestors – Italy. Wherever they go a little bit of Jersey goes with them. In Florence they enjoy the clubs, food, do battle with the cobblestone road, and don’t change themselves due to the different environment.  They still fist pump, wear revealing clothing, put a lot of product in their hair, and fight a lot.

Episode 1: We’re Going to Italia: Everyone is excited about going to Italy. Sammi and Ron vow they won’t get back together, Vinny thinks he won’t be recognizable with his new “beard”, Snooki’s boyfriend Jionni is worried about how she’ll behave, JWoww wants to stay in shape while in Italy, Pauly D just wants to hook up, the Situation is looking forward to European girls who he’s heard are more open, and Deena will get to know guys before “sexing” them.

Episode 2: Like More Than a Friend: Mike tells Snooki he likes her more than as a friend. Pauly sells out Deena and she is upset. While drunk Sammi and Ronnie get into it a little.

Episode 3: Twinning: Mike’s hook up with Brittany brings her twin sister Erica out. Deena hooks up with the waiter from lunch.

Episode 4: Crime and Punishment: Drama at the house continues, but for once it is not Sammi and Ronnie – it’s Snooki and Mike.

Episode 5: And the Wall Won: A fight breaks out between Ronnie and Mike. JWoww calls the hospital after Mike bangs his head against a concrete wall. Once again all the drama is due to Sammi and Ronnie.

Episode 6: Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick: Mike is miserable as he recovers from his head and neck injuries. JWoww and the girls agree that they don’t trust Mike and think he’s milking it. Mike is upset and wants to go home.

Episode 7: Meatball Mashup: The housemates are looking forward to going to the beach for the weekend. Snooki and Jionni get into another fight and he threatens to not come to Italy. At the club on the beach, Deena and Snooki get really bombed then the crazy behaviour begins.

Episode 8: Where is My Boyfriend?: After Snooki hits a cop car while driving, her and Deena are taken to the police station. JWoww finds out that Roger can no longer come to Italy for a visit. Mike’s stalker Brittany is back.

Episode 9: Three Men and a Snooki: Snooki is very upset after Jionni leaves. Deena goes through a pregnancy scare. To cheer up Snooki the gang pretends they are back in Jersey and that the living room is Karma.

Episode 10: Damage is Done: After Snooki spends the night in Vinny’s bed, it escalates between Mike and Snooki the next day. The boys take a road trip to Sicily to see Vinny’s family and the girls go on a wine trip through Tuscany. Snooki makes a tough phone call to Jionni.

Episode 11: Situation Problems: Deena proposes to Pauly D that they have sex. Snooki tells Jionni that she slept with Vinny. The gang goes out on their last Saturday night in Italy.

Episode 12: Ciao, Italia: Ronnie has a talk with Mike about all the trouble he’s been causing. Pauly D, Vinny and Sammi work their last shift at the pizzaria. Mike says he is not going back to Jersey, then changes his mind. JWoww is sick again. The Meatballs go hard on one their last nights.

Special Features: After Hours: And the Wall Won, After Hours: Meatball Mashup, Confessionals, Jersey Shore: Fashion, Jersey Shore: From the First Fist Pump, After Hours: Three Men and a Snooki, The Reunion, Deleted Scenes, Louie and Joey