A three-part story, Skipper and the penguins are up against their evil enemy Dr. Blowhole (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris). He is looking for revenge and it is up to the flightless birds to stop him.

An animated spoof of spy films (mostly of James Bond-like spy films), it is al laugh a minute plus plenty of action. While this is not the greatest or funniest animated stuff to come down the pipe Neil Patrick Harris is marvellous as the evil villain.

Part 1: Dr. Blowhole’s Revenge: Dr. Blowhole plots to take over the world. To draw the penguins into his trap he kidnaps King Julien.

Part 2: The Return of the Revenger of Dr. Blowhole: Part 1: Dr. Blowhole uses his “mind-jacker” to wipe out Skipper’s memory. He then uses the memories for his own evil purposes.

Part 3: The Return of the Revenger of Dr. Blowhole: Part 2: To find Kowalski, Private and Rico, Dr. Blowhard uses Skipper’s memories. Once he has them he gives them a blast with his “Diabologizer”.

Special Features: Trailers, World of Dreamworks