The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season Two

Cleveland Brown (voiced by Mike Henry) and his family are like no family you know. They are crazy as the day is long but that makes for good television viewing.  And like most Seth McFarlane products it pushes every envelope (censorship, good taste, etc.) that it can.  Though The Cleveland Show is not as well-known as its parent show, Family Guy, it is every bit as wild and funny.

Episode 1: Harder, Better, Faster, Browner: Cleveland finds out that a skinny, big eared kid he used to play basketball with is now President Barrack Obama.

Episode 2: Cleveland Live!: The first ever live broadcast of an animated show.

Episode 3: How Cleveland Got His Groove Back: Lester Crinklesack (voiced by Glenn Howerton) bets Cleveland that he can strike him out.

Episode 4: It’s the Great Pancake, Junior Brown: Junior is mad that he is the only one not allowed to dress up for Halloween.

Episode 5: Little Man on Campus: Coach Cleveland’s Stool Bend Growlers are having a fantastic season until his long time rival brings his own team into the picture.

Episode 6: Fat and Wet: Cleveland gets a pool at Target and Donna (voiced by Sanaa Lathan) thinks it is dangerous. The doctor diagnoses Junior (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) with sleep apnea which is related to his being overweight.

Episode 7: another Bad Thanksgiving: Cleveland wants this Thanksgiving to be the best ever and is upset when Donna tells him her sister Janet (voiced by Niecy Nash) and her kids are coming for dinner.

Episode 8: Murray Christmas: Rollo (voiced by Mike Henry) is volunteering at an old folks home over the holidays and learns about Judaism from a Murray (voiced by Carl Reiner) and Murray gains a friend.

Episode 9: Beer Walk!: Donna accuses Cleveland of being lazy and selfish so he organizes a Beer Walk for charity to prove her wrong.

Episode 10: Ain’t Nothin’ But Mutton Bustin’: Donna forces Rallo and Cleveland to spend time together and they do – while secretly mutton bustin’!

Episode 11: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Roberta?: Donna is upset when she feels like Roberta (voiced by Reagan Gomez-Preston) is growing away from her.

Episode 12: Like a Boss: Cleveland has big plans for his Super Bowl party and Rallo is in charge of the class turtle, Turt Russell.

Episode 13: A Short Story and a Tall Tale: Cleveland and Donna are off to Los Angeles after his boss gives him tickets to the NBA All-Star Game.

Episode 14: Terry Unmarried: Cleveland is shocked to find out that he and Donna are not really married and that his friend Terry (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) is gay.

Episode 15: The Blue and the Gray and the Brown: Cleveland is tricked into stopping the destruction of a park dedicated to an advocate of slavery.

Episode 16: The Way the Cookie Crumbles: Cleveland’s father (played by Craig Robinson) gets fooled in a telemarketing scam and his parents lose their house, so Cleveland invites them to live with him.

Episode 17: To Live and Die in L.A.: Lester fakes his own death to gain some independence which results in Cleveland being burdened with taking care of Kendra (voiced by Aseem Batra).

Episode 18: The Essence of Cleveland: Cleveland is upset when Donna does not know anything about him and seems to take him for granted.

Episode 19: Ship’rect: Cleveland and his friends enter the regatta for a chance to win beer for a year at the Broken Stool, but it all changes after he meets Barry Shadwell.

Episode 20: Back to Cool: Cleveland sends all the kids to spend the day with Robert (voiced by Corey Holcomb), but he and Donna worry when midnight comes and the kids aren’t home.

Episode 21: Your Show of Shows: Cleveland gets his own cable access show and Rallo tries to come up with an act for the school talent show.

Episode 22: Hot Cocoa Bang Bang: The entire Brown family travels to San Diego to go to Comic Con where Donna’s past comes back to haunt her.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Cleveland Jr’s Worry Journal, Guest Star Showcase, “Hot Cocoa Bang Bang” Trailer, Cleveland at Comic Con 2010, Fox Movie Channel Presents – Life After Film School With Mike Henry

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