Lana Del Ray – Born to Die

After the whole kerfuffle concerning Lana Del Ray’s (real name Lizzy Grant) recent appearance on Saturday Night Live (people saying she was off key the whole time and cannot sing) I had to find out for myself. It made me curious about the artist (who is huge in the UK) and her album. Born to Die is not out until January 31st, but I thought I’d give you an early heads up.

Due to some “leaked” songs Del Ray has already had her 15 minutes of shining fame. Her single “Video Hits” went viral on YouTube mostly due to her presence and look. Debate happened about the size of her lips and her stylized look. She has admitted to being influenced by things like black and white films of the 50s and David Lynch. Calling herself the gangsta version of Nancy Sinatra. Definitely not your average pop princess. Especially since you read that she lived in a trailer park in New Jersey. Del Ray admits to being really attracted to fame and totally desiring it.

Ok, the album…most of the subject matter is your usual love stuff like being attracted to the bad boys or kissing. Nothing groundbreaking there. Though there is definitely attention paid to painting a visual or picture with her words. Using striking descriptions like “red nails”, “glimmering” and “white bikinis” to create a whole atmosphere. It is next to impossible to describe her sound. A mix of orchestral with hip hop is the closest I can come. Definitely too cool for school. Hipsters are eating this stuff up! Vocally all I can say is that her voice is “pleasant”. Not fantastic and not horrible. So still don’t know what to say about her performance on SNL.

So let the debate over whether she is simply a studio product or if she can really sing begin…

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