House: Season Six

When you have the viewership and the critical respect that this show gets it is no surprise that they are able to get guest stars of the calibre of James Earl Jones, Laura Prepon and David Straithairn. House has won Golden Globes and been nominated for Emmy Awards over the course of its first five seasons.

Season six is a time of transition for many of the characters on the series. Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) is having to adjust to living with his only friend, Dr. James Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard), and not having his license, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (played by Lisa Edelstein) is still adjusting to being a mother and is now dating Lucas (played by Michael Weston), Thirteen (played by Olivia Wilde) and Dr. Taub (played by Peter Jacobson) are dealing with no longer being part of the team, and Dr. Chase (played by Jesse Spencer) and Dr. Cameron (played by Jennifer Morrison) are dealing with being back on the team.  Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital sure is a busy and exciting place!’

Episode 1: Broken: House realizes he has to get his Vicadin addiction under control when he starts having hallucinations so he checks himself into a psychiatric hospital.

Episode 2: Epic Fail: Foreman (played by Omar Epps) is having troubles dealing with the pressures of doing House’s former job.

Episode 3: The Tyrant: A notorious African dictator (played by James Earl Jones) accused of crimes against humanity is brought to Princeton-Plainsboro and several of the doctors have trouble working on the case.

Episode 4: Instant Karma: Foreman, Chase and Cameron all are dealing with the aftermath of the African dictator’s death.

Episode 5: Brave Heart: Chase is not dealing with his guilt very well and the team has to try and treat a police detective who is convinced that he will die at age forty.

Episode 6: Known Unknowns: House makes a decision that has repercussions on Wilson’s career.

Episode 7: Teamwork: House has his medical license back and right away begins to reassemble his old team.

Episode 8: Ignorance is Bliss: A brilliant physicist believes that his bizarre illness is due to his depression and addiction problems.

Episode 9: Wilson: House believes that that a patient’s illness is cancer, while Wilson, who has put himself on the case, disagrees.

Episode 10: The Down Low: A case involving a drug dealer who is not giving them much information to work with is putting House and his team to the test.

Episode 11: Remorse: Thirteen seems to be the only doctor able to look beyond the superficial in the case of a very attractive female patient.

Episode 12: Moving the Chains: House and his team clash over how to treat a football player with a ton of unusual symptoms who just wants to be better in time for the NFL tryouts.

Episode 13: 5 to 9: We see how the hospital works from the perspective of Dr. Cuddy.

Episode 14: Private Lives: House and Wilson learn things about each other’s pasts.

Episode 15: Black Hole: While House treats a teenage patient having hallucinations with an experimental procedure while the rest of his team tries to interpret what they mean.

Episode 16: Lockdown: Due to a missing newborn Princeton-Plainsboro is on lockdown trapping House with a prying patient (played by David Straithairn).

Episode 17: Knight Fall: The team has to search a medieval village when a patient who lived there comes in with strange symptoms.

Episode 18: Open and Shut: A woman in an open marriage becomes the team’s latest case.

Episode 19: The Choice: A patient’s fiancé is shocked when some of the secrets from his past come out during his hospitalization.

Episode 20: Baggage: House tells Dr. Nolan (played by Andre Braugher) about a former patient of his who had an illness and amnesia.

Episode 21: Help Me: Cuddy and House go on site to treat people when a building collapses.

Special Features: Before “Broken”, A New House of House, New Faces in a New House

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