Hawaii Five-O: The Twelfth and Final Season

Hawaii Five-O started in the late 1960s before the golden age of police dramas on television in the 1970s.  It paved the way for many a show. The standard was set high for cop shows by Hawaii Five-O.  Are you ready for a big ending? This is the final season of the cop show from Hawaii and they go out with a bang. No thief or murderer was be safe while they were in operation. It will be the last season for that famed phrase “Book ‘em, Danno”.

Episode 1: A Lion in the Streets: The upcoming union elections cause friction between a local union and a Hawaiian syndicate and McGarrett (played by Jack Lord) has to try and stop it.

Episode 2: Who Says Cops Don’t Cry?: During a robbery a female police officer’s husband is killed and she vows to capture those responsible at any cost.

Episode 3: Though the Heavens Fall: To get what they think is justice on criminals who have gotten away with crimes, members of a hunting club use the hunting skills they possess.

Episode 4: Sign of the Ram: An astrologist warns McGarrett that a prize fight is going to be catastrophic for a boxer.

Episode 5: Good Help is Hard to Find: Kumu mobster Tony Alika (played by Ross Martin) tries to divert attention away from his smuggling operation by coming up with a plan to frame the Five-O.

Episode 6: Image of Fear: McGarrett is the only one who believes a woman who claims she is being stalked.

Episode 7: Use a Gun, Got to Hell: Using a gun that has been involved in several murders, two surfers rob a shop and it is up to McGarrett to locate the gun.

Episode 8: Voice of Terror: A female police officer is taken hostage by a group of political fanatics and it is up to Five-O to try to free her without risking her life.

Episode 9: A Shallow Grave: A college student who is on vacation in Hawaii has some visions that lead him to the location of an old bank robbery and a murder.

Episode 10: The Kahuna: Local traditions disallow the autopsy of two boys who died under mysterious circumstances and Five-O find themselves involved in an odd conspiracy.

Episode 11: Labyrinth: A wealthy man is hesitant about the Five-O becoming involved after his wife is kidnapped as he fears it might put her in greater danger.

Episode 12: School for Assassins: McGarrett and his team are kept busy when they are assigned to stop assassination attempts reputed to happen at a meeting of energy ministers.

Episode 13: For Old Times Sake: An older counterfeiter causes all sorts of trouble when he decides to use an ancient dollar-bill printing plates to make money for a charity.

Episode 14: The Golden Noose: An aide of a southern Asia premier comes to Hawaii for the purpose of getting back millions in gold that is being held in trust and this doesn’t sit well with McGarrett.

Episode 15: The Flight of the Jewels: Priceless Hawaiian crown jewels are stolen by three college students using a radio-controlled model airplane.

Episode 16: Clash of the Shadows: Five-O is hunting down a Nazi war criminal after a Nazi-hunter is found shot to death with a German medal on his chest.

Episode 17: A Bird in Hand…: A vendetta against a group of bird watchers is investigated by McGarrett and a newspaper journalist.

Episode 18: The Moroville Covenant: A man who was blackmailing a candidate for the U.S. Senate is found murdered.

Episode 19: Love to Wo Fat: McGarrett goes head to head with Wo Fat (played by Khigh Dhiegh) after three scientists disappear.

Special Features: Series Promo, Hawaii Five-O: Crime Wave – Music Video Tribute

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