SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob’s Frozen Face-Off

SpongeBob’s latest adventures. Seven episodes from season eight make up this DVD.

Episode 1: Frozen Face-Off: A worm-sled race to the South Pole has everyone in Bikini Bottom involved in it as the top prize is one million clams.

Episode 2: Accidents Will Happen: Squidward gets hurt on the job and he threatens to sue Mr. Krabs unless he waits on him hand and foot.

Episode 3: The Other Party: The popular new Flabby Patty restaurant brings Plankton and Mr. Krabs together due to their hatred of it.

Episode 4: Drive Thru: Instead of spending money patching up a hole in the wall of the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs decides to turn it into a drive-thru window.

Episode 5: The Hot Shot: The son of a famous race car driver, Tony Fast Jr., is going to teach SpongeBob how to drive.

Episode 6: A Friendly Game: Inside SpongeBob’s house, SpongeBob and Patrick build a miniature golf course.

Episode 7: Sentimental Sponge: SpongeBob cannot seem to throw anything away due to the memories attached.

Special Features: Fanboy + Chum Chum Episodes: The Last Strawberry Fun Finger, Power Out, T.U.F.F. Puppy Episodes: Snappy Campers, Lucky Duck

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