Metallica – Beyond Magnetic EP

For 32 years Metallica has been a heavy hitter on the heavy metal musical front.  They have even gone beyond simply being appealing to heavy metal fans to become one of the most successful musical acts worldwide period.  So popular are they that every single one of their album releases leads to millions of copies being sold guaranteed. Their fans love them. This four song EP contains songs left over from the Death Magnetic recording session. The songs have all been left in their rough state with little mixing done. Some fans were disappointed with the Death Magnetic album as it was an experimental outing. The band has obviously taken heed to that and released this as a peace offering. Leaving the four songs on Beyond Magnetic in their “rough” state was a wise move that I’m sure will appease longtime loyal fans. They sound like themselves on these rockers. Listening to them I wondered why they did not make the album (did not “fit”?) as they are, with one exception, strong songs.  Only “Hell and Back” is a weak track. The other three feature melodic choruses, heavy riffs and decent guitar harmonies.

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