Mannix: The Sixth Season

Joe Mannix (played by Mike Connors) is a private eye who knows his way around the streets. He is excellent at solving mysteries and knows the truth when he sees it. Mannix is aided in his work by his relentless secretary, Peggy Fair (played by Gail Fisher). As it is a show that was unlike any other on television at the time it is hard to summarize it in a couple of sentences. It is a private eye show that harkened back to the heyday of film noir. There is plenty of violence but that doesn’t mean it is without intelligence. Because of some noise made against the violence on television this season was the mildest yet. The stories are not predictable and well written. Enjoy!

Episode 1: The Open Web: The leader of a dangerous gang escapes from police custody and flees to the Santa Monica mountains. Mannix leads the manhunt.

Episode 2: Cry Silence: A former priest hears the confession of a murderer and chooses Mannix to find the killer.

Episode 3: The Crimson Halo: Mannix is hired by a lawyer with the goal of finding out who is trying to kill his well-known client.

Episode 4: Broken Mirror: A wealthy man’s wife disappears while on a sailing trip and Mannix is hired to find her.

Episode 5: Portrait of a Hero: Mannix believes it is murder when an ex-Air Force pilot does not live to see the presentation of a test plane.

Episode 6: The Inside Man: Undercover, Mannix is protecting a crime ring informant and get some payback for the death of a friend.

Episode 7: To Kill a Memory: A soldier with amnesia who was thought to be dead returns and Mannix tries to help him get his memory back.

Episode 8: The Upside Down Penny: A young child’s stamp collection becomes something that someone is willing to kill for.

Episode 9: One Step to Midnight: The granddaughter of an exiled mob boss finds herself followed by her grandfather’s dodgy friends.

Episode 10: Harvest of Death: Two crop dusters go missing after working on an orange grove.

Episode 11: A Puzzle for One: Mannix is investigating the death of a fellow private eye and ends up working on his colleague’s last cast.

Episode 12: Lost Sunday: The sister of a victim hires Mannix to prove her brother’s death was no accident.

Episode 13: See No Evil: The son of one of Peggy’s friends is the prime suspect in a mugging and so she hires Mannix to clear his name.

Episode 14: Light and Shadow: A millionaire’s daughter’s boyfriend is murdered and her stepmother is suspect number one.

Episode 15: A Game of Shadows: Mannix tries to locate a murderer who has no identity.

Episode 16: The Man Who Wasn’t There: Mannix is wanted dead by an enemy and he uses Peggy as bait.

Episode 17: A Matter of Principle: After being a suspect in a hit and run traffic violation, a man has the charge of murder tacked on later.

Episode 18: Out of the Night: Peggy goes undercover as a prostitute in order to infiltrate a drug ring.

Episode 19: Carol Lockwood, Past Tense: An ex-girlfriend of Mannix’s is murdered and so he tries to capture the killer.

Episode 20: The Faces of Murder: After a brother and sister confess to the same crime, it is up to Mannix to sift through the lies to get to the truth.

Episode 21: Search for a Whisper: Mannix is hired to unearth the skeletons in a politician’s closet.

Episode 22: To Quote a Dead Man: Mannix tries to figure out why the patchwork coat a homeless man owns is making him a target for murder.

Episode 23: A Problem of Innocence: The daughter of a thief who reputedly stashed the cash he stole is being pursued by an unknown person with deadly intent.

Episode 24: The blackmailer of a politician turns up dead and Mannix must find out who killed him.

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