Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois 2012 Preview

When a person turns 30 it is generally accepted that they are truly an adult and that their youth is behind them.  When a film festival turns 30, like Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois does this year, it is a reason for celebration.  Thirty years of existence for a film festival means that you are filling a need and are appreciated.  Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois gives film fans of all ages the opportunity to hobnob with people in the Quebec film industry and watch or rewatch the best Quebec made films of the previous year.  It gives Quebecers an opportunity to be proud of the quality of film we turn out each year.

2011 was a great year for Quebec cinema.  Now, you might think that I write that every year, but that is not the case.  This year was especially good as there were several films that did well at the box office (Starbuck, Gerry, Funkytown, Surviving Progress) and one (Monsieur Lazhar by Philippe Falardeau) that has been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Oscar Awards.  Over the course of the twelve days of the festival there will be plenty of opportunity to see that there is plenty of creativity and talent within the Quebec filmmaking community.  Hollywood watch out!

The festival is all about inclusivity as they screen feature films, documentaries, comedies, dramas, animated films, and short films.  Over 300 films will be screened over the course of the festival with 86 of them being premieres.  The opening film is Bestiaire by Denis Cote and the closing film is the documentary Over My Dead Body by Brigitte Poupart.  In between take in films like Jo Pour Jonathan by Maxime Giroux, Inside Lara Roxx by Mia Donovan, Café de Flore by Jean-Marc Vallee, and The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom by Tara Johns.

Besides the films there is also over 40 workshops and events to attend.  Make sure you don’t miss the nightly 5@7 Rendez-Vous at Cinematheque Quebecois.

Additional Information:

-Website:  www.rvcq.com

-Venues:  Cinematheques Quebecoises(335 de Maisonneuve East), ONF Cinema (1564 St. Denis), Grande Bibliotheque (475 de Maisonneuve East), Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Theatre (350 Emery), Imperial Cinema (1430 Bleury), Place Pasteur (corner St. Denis and de Maisonneuve)

From 16 to 25 February 12 h 30-22 h
335 Blvd. de Maisonneuve

$ 20 – Per Ticket for the opening or closing films
$ 10 –  Single Ticket
$ 50 – Ciné-Card 6 sessions *
$ 15 – Cinema Masterclass
$ 15 – Evening Kinoautomat
$ 20 – Ticket Transmedia | half day – two workshops
$ 90 – Package Transmedia | 3 days – 12 workshops
$ 8 – Single Ticket
$ 40 – Ciné-Card 6 sessions *
$ 12 – Cinema Masterclass
$ 12 – Evening Kinoautomat
$ 16 – Ticket Transmedia | half-day
$ 70 – Package Transmedia | 3 days – 12 workshops

* The purchase of the film only provides access to map projections.
** 25 and under, upon presentation of a student card.


$ 120 – Cinephile Pass | Access to regular screenings
$ 80 – Student Rate

$ 175 – Passport pro RVCQ | Access to regular screenings, Transmedia days and film lessons
$ 120 – Student Rate

$ 300 – VIP Passport 30th – exclusively at The Showcase of 1 to 25 February | Access to regular screenings, the evening of the opening and closing of the Festival and to The Jutra evening (cocktail reception and awards ceremony)

The purchase ***  of one of the passports includes a bag, catalog, poster, discount privileges at participating merchants, a discount of $ 20 for a subscription to 24 Images. Unless otherwise noted, events are by invitation excluded.

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