Paranormal Activity 3: Unrated Director’s Cut – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Why? Why? I did not see the original, but I have now seen 2 and 3 and the only thing I can say is Why?  Why?  Why was this film made?  Obviously for the pure reason of cashing in on the success of the first film.  I like scary films.  I like to be scared.  Until the last couple of minutes of this one there would not have been even a blip on a heart rate monitor attached to me.  Yawn!

We track back to the origins of the first film with number three.  It is back in the late 80s when the adult sisters, Katie (Chloe Csengery – from television’s Up All Night) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) were only children.  An attempt at the reason for their lifelong haunting is offered.  Their stepfather Dennis (Christopher Nicolas Smith – Little Children), who works as a wedding videographer, talks his wife Julie (Lauren Bittner – Bride Wars, The Mighty Macs) into making a tape of them having sex.  Instead of the usual his camera seems to catch a glimpse of an unknown entity.  Believing there is something going on in the house, Dennis sets up cameras to record.  Things start getting weirder and the two young sisters are involved in the goings on.

So I sat patiently through minutes upon minutes of boring footage believing that they were slowly trying to build up tension, but pffft, like the air going out of a balloon the film ended up just being flat.  I was never tense and really until the very last scene not really scared or grossed out.

Then when it finally came down to the payoff scenes at the end it became ridiculous.  Plus it left plenty of questions unanswered…oh yeah, that is because Joost and Schulman are not finished with their money grab as I heard that Paranormal Activity 4 was already in the works. Boo!

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Lost Tapes

-Scare Montage

-Dennis’ Commercial

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