Slove – Le Danse

Beginning with their name (Slove – a combination of the two words “slow” and “love”) everything about this band is clever and funky. Slove is a Parisian-based electronic music duo comprised of Leo Hellden and Julian Barthe. Julian is a native of France whereas Leo is Swedish. They’ve found each other due to their common love of electronic music and making beats for others to dance to. Le Danse is the first full-length release from the duo and it is a very smooth intermingling of UK bass, indie rock and Euro pop. It is a difficult task to combine genres successfully.  These two guys accomplish that. In doing so they have created their own unique sound. There are some definite and apparent influences, though. Their love of early 90s Manchester pop music is worn right on their sleeves. Hellden provides the guitar playing that lends them their indie sound.  Even though it is not up front and center it is essential to the overall sound. A couple of vocalists (male and female) are used to add in some nice changes of pace. While there are a couple of filler tunes most of the tracks on the album demonstrate that this is a French band that we should keep our eyes and ears open for in the future.

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