Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth

The last time that David Lee Roth recorded an album with Van Halen was 28 years ago.  Time sure flies when you are not selling albums as a solo act. He is back with brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen, who are joined by Eddie’s son Wolfgang on bass, and they are making…ummm…sweet music together. Ok, so they have been fighting since they parted ways so long ago. At one time these four guys were the epitome of So Cal rock.  They are all a little older and greyer but the desire to rock is still there. A Different Kind of Truth is filled with 50 minutes of music and 13 tracks. Right from the beginning you hear that they are trying to turn back the hands of time and put out some straight forward rock ‘n roll like they did in the 70s and 80s. Some of you younger folks out there might classify this as dinosaur rock but those who lived through the original Van Halen forays will love it. They might even restore your faith in music. Get past the lead off track “Tattoo”, which is by far the weakest on the album, and you’ll love the rest. Steering away from the temptation of overproducing the songs and taking the heart out of them, Van Halen’s music is still as raw as ever. I went into this thinking it would be awful and boy, was I wrong!

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