Futurama: Volume 6

Of all the animated shows on television this one won the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy Award in 2011. From the creator of The Simpsons Matt Groening, Futurama is a far out animated series. So far out that it happens in outer space. Thirteen episodes plus extras that you didn’t get to see on television.

Episode 1: The Silence of the Clamps: Bender (voiced by John Di Maggio) testifies against the Robot Mafia and then has to go into the witness relocation program.

Episode 2: Mobius Dick: Capturing a mysterious four-dimensional space whale becomes an obsession for Leela (voiced by Katey Sagal).

Episode 3: Law + Oracle: Fry (voiced by Billy West) quits his job and become a police officer working on the future crimes division.

Episode 4: Benderama: Bender gains the ability to self-replicate and soon there are more Benders than you can shake a stick at.

Episode 5: The Tip of the Zoidberg: The crew finds out a dark secret concerning an undercover mission that the Professor (voiced by Billy West) and Dr. Zoidberg (voiced by Billy West) went on years ago.

Episode 6: Ghost in the Machine: After Bender dies his software starts haunting the Planet Express building.

Episode 7: Neutopia: The crew runs into a strange alien that seems to have the ability to alter their sexual characteristics.

Episode 8: Yo Leela Leela: Leela creates a children’s television series that becomes a big hit and makes her a big shot.

Episode 9: Fry Am the Egg Man: Fry takes care of an alien egg that soon hatches into a gruesome monster.

Episode 10: All the Presidents’ Heads: After the crew travels back in time to the American Revolution and manage to change history.

Episode 11: Cold Warriors: Fry’s sneezing results in the common cold being reintroduced in the world of the future.

Episode 12: Overclockwise: After Bender’s processing powers are ramped up he evolves into a godlike being.

Episode 13: Reincarnation: Futurama is reinvented in three different animation styles – black and white, old-school videogame and Japanese anime.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Professor Farnsworth’s “Science of a Scene”, Reincarnation Explained! With Director Peter Avanzino, Futurama F.A.Q. (Frequently Axed Questions)

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