Drowner – Drowner

I have found it a very difficult exercise to sit down and write about this album. Drowner has created/fabricated/conjured/produced music that has a real ethereal quality to it. It is all very quiet yet deep.  They have truly managed to create a musical landscape. It is modern and ancient at the same time…do you see my problem with the writing of the review? You immediately upon listening to the first song begin to feel your body, your entire body including your brain, becoming very relaxed and open to the music. I don’t want to demean what they have created by saying that it is inherently an exercise of shoegazing but it is. At times it is indie rock accompanied by female vocals. Others it is quite symphonic. One only has to listen to the single “Never Go Away” to be able to appreciate the amount of obvious work that went into it.  The song is a little bit less than eight minutes long and the writer has worked on every moment of it, if you know what I mean. Since they put so much of an effort into it I felt that listening to it I owed them that same kind of effort.  What I discovered is that it was so beautiful in an odd kind of way that it was no effort.

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