Perfect for some parent and kid together time.  Parents out there might have read the books when they were younger and were fans of the spooky series. It is scary stuff but without the usual gore so it is appropriate for the younger watchers.

Episode 1: Ghost Beach: Jerry is looking forward to doing some poking around in a dark and creepy cave he stumbled upon by the beach until he discovers that there is a 300-year-old ghost living there.

Episode 2: The Barking Ghost: The Barking Ghost: Cooper Holmes is the type of kid who is afraid of his own shadow. His father believes he has the only son who manages to scare himself on Halloween. This Halloween it seems as if Cooper has a legitimate reason to be scared.

Episode 3: Be Careful What You Wish For…: Samantha Byrd is a klutzy young girl and everyone on the girl’s basketball team laughs at her. Her luck seems to have changed when someone offers to grant Samantha her three wishes. But what she ends up wishing for makes her life a living nightmare.