Nickelodeon has decided to throw a dance party and every youngster that you know will be begging to attend. Excellent to throw on during play dates as it will hold their attention plus probably make them get up off their butts and dance about.

Episode 1: Dora the Explorer – La Maestra de Musica: Boots’ music teacher needs to get to school quickly but there’s a problem – her bicycle is broken. Boots and Dora are now off on a musical adventure across town.

Episode 2: Team Umizoomi – Butterfly Dance: Milli is looking forward to see her friend Sophia dance in her school play, “The Big Bug Show”. A problem crops up when Team Umizoomi discovers that parts of Sophia’s butterfly costume are missing.

Episode 3: Bubble Guppies – We Totally Rock: The Bubble Guppies are going to take to the stage and teach us plenty about rock and roll.

Episode 4: Go, Diego, Go! – The Iguana Sing-Along: The Iguana Sing-Along is about to begin but cannot as Iggy the Iguana is missing. Diego has to race to save him and then get him back in time for the Sing-Along.

Episode 5: The Wonder Pets! – Save the Beetles/Fiddler Crab on the Roof: The Wonder Pets voyage to Liverpool to save a band of beetles that are trapped in a yellowish submarine then it is on to a small village in old Russia to rescue a fiddler crab on the roof of a small house.

Episode 6: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan – The Ants Dance: In the backyard there is about to be a talent show and Kai-Lan and her band are looking forward to performing their new song and then watch the Ants do a big dance number.

Special Features: 2 Bubble Guppies Karaoke Music Videos