From the same creative minds behind the television series Prison Break comes another series involving prisons and cons breaking out of them.  This time though cons are being used to help capture those who have broken out of prison.  Federal Marshal Duchamp (played by Laz Alonso) has brought in former Marshal Zacanelli (played by Domenick Lombardozzi), who has lost his badge due to taking some money while on the job.  Zacanelli has recruited three cons who bring different skill sets to the team.  Lloyd (played by Jimmi Simpson) is a socially awkward genius who has a Ph.D in psychology, Shea (played by Malcolm Goodwin) is a former gang leader with plenty of street credentials and Erica (played by Serinda Swan) is a woman who worked as a bounty hunter.  The deal is that they catch the escapees and they get one month per recaptured con off their sentences.  Plus they get to do their time in a cushier minimum security institution.

Episode 1: Pilot: Duchamp and Zacanelli assemble their group of cons to help them capture escaped convicts. There is some stumbling out of the blocks.

Episode 2: Collected: Xavier Price (played by Jamie McShane), a felon with a history of capturing woman, torturing them and keeping them hostage, has escaped from prison and takes a woman hostage.

Episode 3: The Bag Man: T-Bag (played by Robert Knepper) has made his escape yet again from prison and has vengeance on his mind.

Episode 4: Out of the Mouths of Babes: A convicted pedophile named Joe (played by Derek Phillips) escapes while Erica is anxious to see her six-year-old daughter on her birthday.

Episode 5: Queens of Hearts: A woman (played by Christina Cole) in prison for brutally murdering her husband escapes and Lloyd’s gambling problem gets him in trouble yet again.

Episode 6: Like Father, Like Son: Christian Beaumont (played by Zack Ward), a man with severe anti-government leanings, escapes and has to be found before he destroys some other federal building.

Episode 7: Fun With Chemistry: Julianne (played by Brooke Nevin) makes an awkward romantic gesture towards one of the Breakout Kings.

Episode 8: Steaks: Duchamp offers the three cons a chance at a steak dinner if they are judged to be the most helpful on their present case.

Episode 9: One For the Money: Andre (played by Richard Burgi), a handsome and charming thief, escapes and it is up to the Breakout Kings to figure out what his next play is.

Episode 10: Paid in Full: An infamous contract killer (played by Mark Pellegrino) escapes from jail and has a contract he needs to carry out.

Episode 11: Off the Beaten Path: An escapee is a violent and delusional schizophrenic who is also an expert survivalist and off his meds. He grabs the female host (played by Paula Garces) of a kids television show and is off to “marry” her.

Episode 12: There Are Rules…: A group of cons make a daring escape after an 18-wheeler crashes into the prison wall and they are able to take off in an SUV from the back of it.

Episode 13: Where in the World is Carmen Vega?: The deadly queen of a drug cartel, Carmen Vega (played by Lauren Velez), uses the funeral of her son to make a daring and deadly escape.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Good Cons, Bad Cons, Bullpen Sessions, T-Bag: Dealt a Bad Hand