Young the Giant – Young the Giant

Hailing from California this five member band has really had a great year so far.  Their debut self-titled album has done very well and one of their songs was covered on the television show Glee. Having one of your songs on Glee indicates that you have made it with the younger part of the music listening crowd. Their particular brand of rock ‘n roll can be labeled as anthemic, soaring and melodic. All good things. A number of bands have travelled this well worn road and had plenty of success. Young the Giant have learned from their forefathers and forged on. Though there are elements to their songs that you have heard before from others they have managed to create a unique identity. There is something about their songs that separates them from the pack. Most of the songs are up-tempo ones that make you want to dance about and sing along to.  The vocals are great and the band is tight. The talent is there. I’m already anticipating their next album.

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