BBC Natural History Collection Featuring Planet Earth – Blu-ray Edition

We live on this big ball of gas, minerals and water and yet we never really look at it.  It is not until series like this are released that we really take in what an incredible planet we live on. Filmed in incredibly clear high definition, the BBC’s Natural History Collection really shows you what a beautiful, wild and interrelated planet we live on. The action is occasionally frenetic, the locations are always exotic and it gives us an otherwise impossible chance to get up close to many of the creatures we share Earth with.

Planet Earth has previously won Emmy Awards due to its excellence. Now it is being released with several hours extra of extras. With Planet Earth, narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough, we voyage over mountains, down into caves, into water, and across deserts. We travel across the large and diverse country that is China and discover Wild China – Heart of the Dragon, Shangri-La, Tibet, Beyond the Great Wall, Land of the Panda, and Tides of Change. Then it is on to the Galapagos to meet some of the most mind blowing creatures that live there. Finally it is on to the Ganges River in India. During our stop there we look into the culture, wildlife and beliefs of the region.

You get to see the world as you never have before in all its splendor, harshness, colour, and diversity. A fantastic piece of documentary filmmaking.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Behind the Scenes

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