Fan Favorites: The Best of MacGyver

Running from the mid-80s until the early 90s this action adventure television series was a popular one. It featured Richard Dean Anderson in the lead role as Angus MacGyver, a former government secret agent who prefers to use his brains rather than his brawn to get out of dangerous situations. A man who won’t carry a gun, MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation in the city of Los Angeles. MacGyver is a scientist with expertise in bomb diffusal from his time in Vietnam. He is a man who can get out of any sticky situation with a gum wrapper, a paper clip and, his favourtie, duct tape.

Episode 1: Phoenix Under Siege: MacGyver and his grandfather (played by John Anderson) stop by the Phoenix Foundation to get tickets for a hockey game only to stumble upon terrorists in the middle of planting a bomb there.

Episode 2: The Widowmaker: MacGyver and his best friend (played by Lisa Bayliss) are mountain climbing when she falls to her death. He goes off to mourn her death but is interrupted by the return of Murdoc (played by Michael Des Barres).

Episode 3: Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 1: A friend of MacGyver’s who is an archaeologist (played by Lise Cutter) tells him that she found a map that will lead them straight to an ancient artifact known as the Holy Rose.

Episode 4: Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2: Zoe and MacGyver’s search for the Holy Rose takes them to London and France and then it becomes dangerous when they cross paths with a jewel magnate.

Episode 5: Halloween Knights: Murdoc is alive and he offers MacGyver a deal he cannot refuse. He will help MacGyver capture an assassin squad if MacGyver will help rescue Murdoc’s sister, who is set to be killed during an elaborate Halloween party.

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