There isn’t much programming on television that is smart and sophisticated plus meant for an adult audience. With all the teenage programming and reality shows on television today there isn’t much space left over for the over 30 age category who are looking for something with some meat on its bones.  Television channel AMC has tried to fill that void with shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. They are all cutting edge and for an adult audience. You can add The Killing to that list as well.

In its first season The Killing became a hit for the network. Over its initial thirteen episodes it got people’s interest and then kept growing its audience. The series is adapted from a Danish television series and revolves around the killing of teenage girl Rosie Larson (played by Kate Findlay). Set in rainy Seattle don’t expect your typical television show that solves the murder in one episode. At the end of the thirteen episodes you still really have no idea who the murderer is.

The series got a Golden Globe nomination and several Emmy nominations.

Episode 1: Pilot: It is supposed to be Detective Sarah Linden (played by Mireille Enos) last day on the job. She is going to move to San Diego to start a new life with her son, Jack (played by Liam James), and her fiancé, Rick (played by Callum Keith Rennie). Things don’t work out the way she planned when she discovers the body of a teenage girl in the trunk of a car submerged in a lake.

Episode 2: The Cage: Sarah questions Rosie’s parents, Stan (played by Brent Sexton) and Mitch (played by Michelle Forbes). Rosie’s school becomes the place where they believe the murder took place.

Episode 3: El Diablo: Councilman Richmond (played by Billy Campbell) begins to suspect that he has a leak in his office. Sarah and her partner Holder (played by Joel Kinnaman) have a new suspect.

Episode 4: A Soundless Echo: Sarah and Holder put the screws to Rosie’s ex-boyfriend (played by Richard Harmon). Sterling (played by Kacey Rohl) reveals some things about Rosie that no one knew.

Episode 5: Super 8: Bennet Ahmed (played by Brandon Jay McLaren), one of Rosie`s teachers, gives Sarah and Holder a new piece of evidence. Richmond`s team comes up with a new television anti-crime commercial.

Episode 6: What You Have Left: Tension mounts between Richmond and Belko (played by Brendan Sexton III). Rosie`s funeral takes place and Stan contemplates seeking revenge.

Episode 7: Vengence: Bennet becomes the number one suspect in Rosie`s murder. Richmond`s campaign suffers greatly after he messes up during the debate.

Episode 8: Stonewalled: Sarah is preoccupied by the fact that Rick hasn`t called her back. While following up on a lead, Sarah and Holder mess up an FBI investigation.

Episode 9: Undertow: While keeping it from the Lieutenant (played by Garry Chalk), Sarah and Holder keep working the case and come across something shocking. Richmond is thinking about dropping out of the mayoral race.

Episode 10: I`ll Let You Know When I Get There: Sarah`s personal life begins to suffer due to her job and she and Holder have to try and come up with another suspect.

Episode 11: Missing: Sarah falls upon a clue that leads her to a casino. She is really scared when she cannot locate Jack.

Episode 12: Beau Soleil: On the surveillance cameras at the casino Sarah and Holder see some shocking things. Many of the Mayor`s (played by Tom Butler) supporters begin abandoning ship.

Episode 13: Orpheus Descending – Extended Season Finale: Stan is bailed out of jail by Terry (played by Jamie Anne Allman). Sarah and Holder uncover who Orpheus really is and then recreate the murder scene.

Special Features: An Autopsy of The Killing, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel