La Orquesta Inestable – La Orquesta Inestable

A swing ensemble that will make you yearn for a time that has past. It is the swing of your grandfather or great grandfather’s time with some modern twists. No whistles or bells (technologically speaking, I mean), just plain ole good music. The seven guys in this group bring guitars, accordions, drums, trumpet, violin, double bass, and a smattering of vocals to the table. The songs alternate between sad to happy ones.

Track Listing :

1) Pescdito

2) Moonlight Serenade

3) Swing Inestable

4) Ay, Ay, Ay Amor

5) Nostalgico

6) Baby On Board

7) Bombon

8) Mata Hari

9) Accanto a Te

10) Nochecitas Portenas

11) Mediterranee

12) Chantilly

13) Je Me Souviens

14) Sonando

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