You might recognize JB Smoove from his acting turns in Date Night, The Sitter or We Bought a Zoo. He is also a writer on Saturday Night Live. Where JB Smoove started was on stage as a standup comedian. This is his first full-length solo stand up special.

This guy’s mind is obviously twisted as his humour is all on the strange side. Strange but creative. He uses his microphone and stool as props in his jokes as I’ve never seen those two things used before. Much of his set seems like it is just a bunch of random thoughts that pop into his mind on the spot. He riffs on everyday events or occurrences but looks at them just a little bit different than your average person does. Smoove covers topics like police chases, flip flops and King Kong.

The special is uncensored and extended.

Special Features: Behind the Smoove Dooz and Doozn’ts