Based on the zany friendship between two opposite type girls, Laverne and Shirley was set in the 1950s in Milwaukee. Laverne (played by Penny Marshall) and Shirley (played by Cindy Williams) are two single girls who work at Shotz Brewery as bottling girls.  They live in a basement apartment of a building owned by Edna Babish (played by Betty Garrett) and resided in by co-worker oddballs, Lenny (played by Michael McKean) and Squiggy (played by David L. Lander). Shirley is naïve and full of energy while Laverne is a tougher street smart girl. They both dreaming of more and looking for love.  What is definite is that they are trying to make it their own way.

Episode 1: Shotgun Wedding, Part 2: Richie (played by Ron Howard) and Fonzie (played by Henry Winkler) ask the girls for a big favour in order to get out of a jam.

Episode 2: One Heckuva Note: Shirley is furious when she finds an old note that Carmine (played by Eddie Mekka) wrote to Laverne.

Episode 3: Fat City Holiday: In order to get a free vacation over the long weekend, Laverne and Shirley take jobs as counselors at a weight-loss camp.

Episode 4: Upstairs Downstairs: A wrongly issued check from the phone company leads to a big fight between Laverne and Shirley over what to do with it and subsequent heaven/hell dreams.

Episode 5: What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?: Shirley’s brother (played by Ed Begley Jr.) comes in for a visit while on a break from the navy but it is not all smooth between brother and sister.

Episode 6: You’ve Pushed Me Too Far: Lenny and Squiggy have a big fight and it is up to Laverne and Shirley to try and patch things up.

Episode 7: The Wedding: Frank (played by Phil Foster) and Edna are about to get married and Laverne and Shirley want to sing at the ceremony.

Episode 8: Bad Girls: Laverne and Shirley get Edna’s niece to join their old girls’ club not realizing that it has changed for the worse since they were members.

Episode 9: We’re in the Army Now: The girls think that joining the Army will bring some much desired excitement to their lives.

Episode 10: Take Two, They’re Small: Lenny and Squiggy convince Laverne and Shirley to use their dating service to find them dates for the upcoming roller skating event.

Episode 11: The Fourth Annual Shotz Talent Show: Laverne and Shirley are having a tough time pleasing the boss when it comes to finding acts for the Shotz Talent Show.

Episode 12: Testing, Testing: Shotz brings in a psychiatrist to do evaluations on all employees and that makes Laverne, Shirley, Lenny, and Squiggy very nervous.

Episode 13: Not Quite South of the Border: Laverne and Shirley’s Mexican vacation does not go exactly as they had hoped.

Episode 14: You Oughta Be in Pictures: The girls audition for parts in a military film not realizing that they are playing hookers.

Episode 15: The Beatnik Show: Shirley becomes a different person after making a splash at a local coffee house.

Episode 16: The Right to Light: In a protest to a mix up with their bill payment, Laverne and Shirley chain themselves to a computer at the gas company not realizing that a bomb has been planted in the building.

Episode 17: Why Did the Fireman?: Laverne starts dating a fireman (played by Ted Danson) and things get serious very quickly.

Episode 18: The Collector: Carmine is tired of being broke so he takes a job as a money collector for a loan shark.

Episode 19: Murder on the Moose Jaw Express, Part 1: Laverne and Shirley are off on a train trip but it gets off to bumpy start when a man comes into their compartment and promptly drops dead.

Episode 20: Murder on the Moose Jaw Express, Part 2: Laverne and Shirley continue in their attempts to find the killer.

Episode 21: Survival Test: It’s girls versus guys in an Army Survival Challenge.

Episode 22: The Amazing Antonio: Laverne’s cousin Antonio (played by Ed Marinaro) comes to America seeking his fortune.

Episode 23: The Duke of Squiggman: Lenny is trying his best to stop Squiggy from sleepwalking every evening and while doing so believing himself to be a duke.

Episode 24: The Diner: Lenny has recently inherited a diner and Laverne and Shirley offer to run it.

Episode 25: Separate Tables: It is up to Shirley to try and teach Laverne that doing stuff on her own is not that scary.

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