The Manhattan Plot – Youth

Local rock band The Manhattan Plot has had a good start in their musical life. Their first CD Youth was produced/mastered by Ryan Morey, who has previously worked with The Arcade Fire. When you listen you can understand why they selected Morey for their all important debut album. The 12 tracks on Youth, which is a concept album, will remind you of rock music that was produced in the 90s by the likes of Collective Soul, Bush and U2. Though to be fair, the band is not trying to bring back 90s rock as they have updated the sound to mesh with 2012’s sensibilities. The lyrical content concerns itself with the events that we all went through during our teenage years. It was a time we discovered music we loved and fell in love for the first time. Ah, the good old times. The first single and video released off the album was Vessel. It starts off mellow with a simple chord progression, piano and nice vocal harmonies and then comes in two-thirds of the way in with crunching guitar and pounding drums. A solid debut that will be of interest to rock fans.

Track Listing:

1) Youth

2) Out There

3) Itinerary

4) The Wait

5) Seven Years

6) Life and Love

7) Longing

8) Peacekeeper

9) My Paper sky

10) Vessel

11) Childhood’s End

12) Remembered (Curse Lament)

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