Bob Newhart is a television icon. He built a career on playing the same type of cardigan wearing straight man character. In this short lived series he plays Bob McKay, a man who created a comic book superhero in the 1950s called Mad-Dog. The comic book did not last very long and to support his family McKay begins to work as a greeting card artist. Now, later in life, Bob gets a second chance to do what he really loves. Bob is given the opportunity to revive Mad-Dog and revive the comic book. Once again Mad-Dog does not have a long life and in an ironic life occurrence, Bob becomes the boss at the greeting card company he left.

Episode 1: Mad-Dog Returns: Bob quits his job at the greeting card when the comic book company he used to work for asks him back to work.

Episode 2: Drawing a Blank: Bob begins his job at Ace Comics and working creating Mad-Dog comics again.

Episode 3: My Daughter, My Fodder: Bob is having a bit of writer’s block while Tricia (played by Cynthia Stevenson) believes her boyfriend is cheating on her. Suddenly Bob’s writer’s block is gone.

Episode 4: Penny for Your Thoughts: A focus group holds the fate of Mad-Dog comic book in their hands.

Episode 5: Terminate Her: Harlan (played by John Cygan) hires his girlfriend as the colorist at the comic book company, but she isn’t exactly suited for the job.

Episode 6: PC or Not PC: Tricia begins working at the comic book company as the colorist.

Episode 7: A Streetcar Named Congress-Douglas: Bob has Harlan and a bunch of his comic book buddies over for a poker night.

Episode 8: Unforgiven: After forgetting the last page of the first issue of Mad-Dog under his blotter, Albie (played by Andrew Bilgore) is fired.

Episode 9: Mad-Dog on 34th Street: Everyone goes to New York to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade as there is going to be a Mad-Dog balloon in it.

Episode 10: Stone in Love: Harlan’s back is out, so Bob goes over to his place to do some “work”.

Episode 11: The Lost Episode: Bob’s upset when he cannot find his copy of the original episode of Mad-Dog then when it’s found he is upset when he discovers that Kaye (played by Carlene Watkins) accidentally set it on fire.

Episode 12: A Christmas Story: It is time for the annual office Christmas party and Bob’s not looking forward to it.

Episode 13: La Sorpresa: It’s Bob’s birthday and he’s hoping for no birthday surprises, but Kaye and Tricia have other ideas.

Episode 14: Bob+Kaye+Jerry+Patty: Jerry (played by Tom Poston) is back with his wife and they are coming over for dinner, but Bob still hasn’t forgiven him for making a pass at Kaye.

Episode 15: You Can’t Win: It is the time of year for the Buster Awards and Bob is convinced awards are evil after Mad-Dog garners several nominations.

Episode 16: Da Game: George Wendt, Norm from Cheers, is coming over to Bob and Kaye’s and all George’s co-workers invite themselves over.

Episode 17: The Man Who Killed Mad-Dog: Bob remembers how Dr. Edward Mars-Jones accused him of corrupting youth with his Mad-Dog comics and has a chance to confront the man who had him blackmailed.

Episode 18: The Phantom of Amcantran-Concommco: Tricia is upset when she and her boyfriend break up and she has a bad case of the “rebounds”.

Episode 19: The Man Who Broke the Bank at Our Lady of Constant Sorrow: Bob is not happy when Kaye gets involved in a fundraiser for the church, then accidentally gets involved in it as well.

Episode 20: I’m Getting Remarried in the Morning: It is Bob and Kaye’s 25th wedding anniversary and Tricia attempts to throw them the wedding they never had.

Episode 21: Tell Them Willy Mammoth is Here: Tricia is thinking of moving out with Cathy (played by Lisa Kudrow) and Bob tries to develop a comic book out of the animated television character, Willy.

Episode 22: Death of An Underwear Salesman: Bob is unable to draw Mad-Dog after Buzz (played by Dick Martin) closes his electric windows on them. To make up for it, Buzz gives Bob an edition of Mad-Dog he’s drawn.

Episode 23: The Entertainer: Tricia and Cathy invite their parents over to their apartment for dinner to meet their boyfriends.

Episode 24: Neighborhood Watch: Bob has a problem with his new next door neighbors and tries to find a subtle way to tell them about it.

Episode 25: Oh Where, Oh Where has my Mad-Dog Gone?: The company has been sold and employees at Ace Comics are worried that they all might get fired by new owner, Buck Sykes.

Episode 26: Greetings: Bob is still out of work. Bob and Kaye’s friend Sylvia (played by Betty White) is dealing with her husband leaving her after 40 years of marriage.

Episode 27: For Pete’s Sake: Bob begins working at Schmidtt’s greeting cards as the president.

Episode 28: Whose Card is it Anyway?: Sylvia goes away on vacation and leaves her beloved dog with Bob.

Episode 29: Speechless in Chicago: Bob has a speech to write for the Greeting Card Awards ceremony and he’s having some anxiety about it.

Episode 30: Kiss and Sell: Bob and Pete (played by Jere Burns) go away on their first sales trip together. Whitey (played by Eric Allan Kramer) checks in on Kaye to make sure she is okay.

Episode 31: Michiana Moon: Pete wants to take Sylvia away on what would have been her 40th wedding anniversary to distract her but Buzz steps in for him.

Episode 32: Have Yourself a Married Little Christmas: On Whitey’s wedding day, Bob and Whitey reminisce about how Whitey proposed.

Episode 33: Better to Have Loved and Flossed: Kaye finds out that the woman who ran off with Sylvia’s husband is back in town.

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