chimpanzeeDebuting in theatres just before Earth Day 2012, Disneynature’s latest film is called Chimpanzee.  It is a visually stunning and thorough look at the life of chimpanzees.  We get an inside and rarely seen look at the day to day life of chimpanzees in the thick Tai (rain) Forest of the Ivory Coast in Africa.

The film is centered around Oscar, a young chimpanzee who is rambunctious and curious.  And of course, so cute that you cannot help but fall in love with him.  We follow him around seeing how he learns about his place in the chimpanzee community and how to survive.  Through other chimps we are shown how they use different items as tools, how nurturing they can be, how they hunt smaller monkeys, what they eat, and how fights within a group are carried out.

Oscar is a baby and he is with his mother, Isha.  Freddy is the alpha male of the tribe.  It is his job to organize the chimps so that they can fend off other chimps from “invading” their territory.  The chimps live in a large part off figs and nuts from the trees in their area.  Sticks and rocks are used to open up the shells of the nuts so they can be eaten.  After an attack by the rival chimp clan, Oscar is left an orphan.  Something incredibly rare and wonderful ensues.

Narrated by Tim Allen, this is truly a film experience that will run you through a gamut of emotions and at the same time educate you about the lives of chimpanzees.  Allen’s voice, grunts and words make the film kid-friendly.  When the chimps hunt the smaller monkeys there is nothing scary shown that would frighten or traumatize the younger viewers.

This is probably the most consistent and well put together film from Disneynature yet.

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