Many of us are familiar with Patton Oswalt the actor due to his parts in television series like The King of Queens and United States of Tara as well as in films like Young Adult and Magnolia. I have not been a fan of his until recently. Maybe his quirky form of geek humour has finally won me over.  But I now count myself as a convert to the Patton Oswalt fan club.

Patton Oswalt began his career over 20 years ago as a stand up and is still continuing on with his roots.  His niche is witty geek humour.  Now that he is a wee older and is a father as well Patton has toned down a little on the language and blue humour but that doesn’t mean that he has lost his edge.  Oswalt is still willing to take on anyone – hipsters, Kentucky Fried Chicken and even SPAM.  The guy has cahones.  He is still left of center.  Very few comedians can do bits about the glory of sweatpants or the sadness of the circus.  Oswalt is one guy who can and can make it hilarious at the same time.

In short, this is a guy who is smart in several different ways.  He just IS smart and is also smart enough to know that there are not many comedians who do what he is capable of. As a result he has forged a long and successful career out of having a unique comic voice.

Special Features: Encore KFC Bit, Pre-Show Superstitions, Stuff That Patton Mentions