Birdy – Birdy

Birdy (real name Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde) might have become familiar to some of you out there due to her track on the Hunger Games soundtrack, “Just a Game” or her cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” which was a hit in the UK last year. Though she is only 15-years-old this young British female singer has been compared with Adele. While they might be a little premature, the comparisons are due to her unique and powerful voice along with the fact that despite her young age she is able to really convey the emotions of the songs she sings. On her debut album she covers songs by artists like Bon Iver, James Taylor and The National. Her interpretations of the songs are filled with maturity and a soulfulness not usually found in someone of her age. There is also one original tune amongst the 11 tracks on the album. While listening to the album my mind wandered to wondering what she will sound like in a couple of years.

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