If you have any little ones under the age of six at your house then you probably already know the Bubble Guppies.  They are a big hit with the little ones.  A great television show that is colourful and educational at the same time.  This one will teach kids social skills, science, math, and literacy.

For kids the music is catchy.  For parents it is not annoying.  That is a good thing because you’ll probably be having to listen to this DVD over and over.

An evil witch turns Bubble Puppy into a frog.  Molly and Gil join forces with well-known fairy tale characters to try to reverse the spell allowing everyone in the Enchanted Forest to live happily ever after.

Special Features: 2 Bonus Episodes: “Bubble Puppy”, “Bubble Bites”, Karaoke Music Videos, “Where’s Bubble Puppy?” DVD Game, Song Selection