Robert Urich is Dan Tanna, a detective working in Las Vegas tying to rid the strip of crime. When he is not driving his red 1957 Ford Thunderbird up and down the boulevard trying to uncover clues, Tanna is usually out on a date with a beautiful woman. Everyone except for criminals likes this guy. The show which aired in the 1970s features mystery, drama and action.

Episode 1: Aloha, You’re Dead, Parts 1 + 2: Dan is kidnapped and taken to Hawaii. There his captives try to force him to kill Philip Roth as they are part of a casino cartel and they are worried when Roth makes known his plans to expand his casino empire.

Episode 2: Black Cat Killer: Dan is on the hunt for a dangerous cat burglar who has already killed three times. While on the hunt he is joined by a reporter (played by Erin Gray) who wants to do a story on the case.

Episode 3: Sudden Death: While at his date’s apartment Dan is forced to kill a burglar. He is cleared by the district attourney but still feels guilty when he discovers that the burglar was only carrying an air rifle.

Episode 4: Love Affair: Without knowing what she does for a living Dan falls in love with a prostitute who works for a pimp that’s neck deep in murder.

Episode 5: A Deadly Victim: Dan is hired by a former attourney, who is an alcoholic, to solve a murder but that is made difficult by the fact that he cannot even prove a murder took place.

Episode 6: Deadly Blessing: A nun from New Mexico comes to Las Vegas and asks Dan to help her locate the land that was willed to her. He is of two minds when he discovers that the property she’s inherited is that which the Desert Inn sits on.

Episode 7: Christmas Story: Dan takes a Christmas vacation to a ski resort. His vacation is put on hold when a 9-year-old girl who says she is Dan’s daughter gives him a note from her mother who is going to commit suicide.

Episode 8: Andreas Addiction: An former drug addict (played by Joe Penny) wants revenge on Dan. He poisons Dan’s food and while weakened injects him with heroin while holding him hostage in an abandoned casino.

Episode 9: Sourdough Suite: A former prospector stumbles upon a satchel of money in the desert. Dan becomes suspicious when he comes into Vegas to spend the money as do the men whose money it is.

Episode 10: Murder by Mirrors: While flying over a mansion, Beatrice (played by Phyllis Davis) witnesses a murder. When the police arrive there is no body or any evidence of what she saw.

Episode 11: Backlash: Wanting to know why her adult daughter goes out at night dressed like a teenager, a mother hires Dan to get to the bottom of it.

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