The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Wake Up Where You Are

If you listen to today’s music thinking it is all just crap and long for music of the 1960s then I’ve got the album for you. It has been 40 years in between albums for these five guys but better late than never, right? If you listen to Wake Up Where You Are you’ll wonder if they were hermetically sealed in a genie’s lamp all this time as their sound has not changed at all. The album is made up of some new songs, a cover and rerecordings of classic songs.  Their origins are to be found in psychedelic rock.  They are even named after The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever”.  But the band became known to most for their pop songs like “Incense and Peppermints”. They have retained the vocal harmonies that make you think of the pop music of the 60s on several tracks. Other songs and their “heaviness” might surprise some who don’t know the band that well. There are some powerful rockers to be found amongst these fourteen tracks. The arrangements shine on most of the tracks breathing some serious life into the songs. For fun listen carefully to the final track, “Sit With the Guru”, and try not to be impressed by the 10 minute drum solo by Randy Seol. Wow!

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