Immortals – Blu-ray Edition

I knew nothing about director Tarsem Singh nor Henry Cavill before seeing this film.  Now that I have seen it I know that Singh can really paint a visual picture with his films and that Henry Cavill is a total hottie and I can understand how he was cast as Superman. He is not the greatest actor, but boy, does he ever look good even when he is just standing there.

Singh had only directed one other film that I had seen and it was The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez back in 2000.  While that film was not remarkable in its content it certainly made an impression upon me visually.  The same can pretty much be said for Immortals.  While there is a certain lacking in the story it literally explodes off the screen.  The fights are realistic in their brutality.  Plenty of blood and guts fly about.  Everything about how the film looks is artistic.

The peasant Theseus (Henry Cavill – Stardust, Tristan + Isolde) is a young man who seems to have been favoured by the gods.  Living in an remote cliffside town he has been trained in the art of fighting by an older man.  He is teaching him skills he will need in the future.

King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke – Diner, The Wrestler), a man driven mad by his lust for power, begins a quest to locate the ultimate weapon.  He is looking for the Epirus Bow as is gives the wielder the power to control the Titans, who have been buried in the walls of Mount Tartaros for years.  He is looking to destroy all of mankind by using the bow and unleashing the Titans.

After Hyperion’s men kills his mother, Theseus vows revenge on the king.  He will kill him at any cost.  To this end he is aided by the beautiful oracle Phaedra (Freida Pinto – Slumdog Millionaire, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and former prisoner Stavros (Stephen Dorff – Public Enemies, Blade).  Hooking up with the Greek army he is now fighting on behalf of all of mankind to stop Hyperion.

This is kind of like a soap opera version of Greek mythology.  It is implausible, everyone is beautiful and very fit, and the bad guy is completely over-the-top.  I guess if you are going to play around with history/mythology why not make everything and everyone look great.

After you have finished watching the film as much as you have liked it while you watched it you begin to realize that it has absolutely no substance to it.  A mess is the best way to describe the story.  With so many predictable moments and plot holes I really don’t know who they thought they would fool.  The dialogue was abhorrent.  It is almost as if a 12-year-old wrote it.  To say that it is corny is being generous.

Special Features:

– It’s No Myth
-Caravaggio Meets Fight Club: Tarsem’s Vision
-Alternate Opening: Young Theseus
-Alternate Ending: This Is Our Last Embrace
-Alternate Ending: Theseus Kills Hyperion
-Deleted Scenes
-Immortals: Gods & Heroes published by Archaia Entertainment
-Theatrical Trailer
-Sneak Peek

-Digital Copy

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