Nirvana ’69 – Cult

No, not that Nirvana.  This is Nirvana ’69 and they have been around as their name would suggest since the late 1960s.  As opposed to the grunge band of a similar name they hail from England and make music that is filled with imagery.  While listening to the twenty-three tracks I closed my eyes and images of birds flying in the sky, a sunset, a casino in Monte Carlo, and other exotic locations were brought to my mind.  The sound of the music is almost like you are listening to a movie soundtrack.  It is an interesting sound that is a mix of jazz, classical and Britpop.  Besides the imagery it also evokes plenty of feelings as you are listening.  You will feel sad, melancholy and peace.  The band has been successful in the UK and Europe for years now but this is their first release in North America.

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