Carrie Underwood – Blown Away

For someone who started off on American Idol as the sugar sweet country girl she has evolved into a country superstar who sings songs with plenty of edge.  Remember her song “Before He Cheats” which preached to women about being proactive with their wandering eye men? She is back with more that are just as spunky on Blown Away. She co-wrote eight of the fourteen tracks on the album and several of them cover subjects such as abuse, infidelity, revenge and regret. Obviously the lady is not all hearts and roses. This makes her much more interesting an artist in my books. The whole album is not dark song after dark song though it does strive to portray an accurate picture of the ups and downs of life. That being said, she obviously has some depth to her and is interested in exploring her darker side. These dark topics are set to a variety of musical backgrounds. You can almost hear the palm trees swaying in the background of the sunny sounds behind “Forever Changed”. It is a song where the upbeat music is juxtaposed against the moving lyrics. Underwood does not do the same old same old or even what you would expect from her. That is, except for the fact that her voice continues to be the centerpiece of her music. It is powerful, confident, gripping and tender. A smart cookie she is going to remain a country singer but will not allow her sound to become predictable or the music industry restrict her by producing music that is easily slotted into a particular music category. A young woman who is going to have as long a career as she wants.

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