The Wanted – The Wanted – Special Edition

Needless to say I was a little curious to find out what all the teenage girl fuss was about. Was it just a case of five cute guys who got some pubescent girls hormones raging or were they actually musically talented? Should I cut them some slack? Or are all boy bands jokes? They are huge in their native U.K. with several top charting singles off their latest album (first released in North America, though). Their single “Glad You Came” came out way before the album so we already knew it. It is pure bubblegum pop. The type that you cannot even critique as it insidiously burrows itself into your brain. You don’t know it if is because of some secret code buried in the beats or the fact that it is actually a catchy tune. So I moved on from that song to see it there was something else worth my time. Colour me pleasantly surprised as I found a couple of other decent songs on the 10 song album. “Chasing the Sun”, “Satellite” and “Lightning” are decent up tempo numbers.  There are also a couple of ballads to make the young ladies swoon. One of them, “Warzone”, even features a touch of dubstep. Hmmm…maybe they do have some substance to them. I am reserving judgment for now.

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