Adam Lambert – Trepassing

Adam Lambert is sorta in a catch 22 situation. If he is flamboyant he will be crucified and if isn’t he will disappoint. Maybe that is why he tries a little bit of everything on this his second album. There’s a smidgen of electronica, a pinch of ballad, a dash of funk, and a whole lotta pop/dance music. A smart guy he has used a variety of talented and successful people like Pharrell, Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, Nile Rogers, Bruno Mars, and Nikka Costa. Despite all the different people working on the album there is a cohesive product. All that plus great energy. This guy seems to know all about fun. Despite all this fun he does inject lots of talent into it. Undeniably he has a great voice. Filled with power and range. Natural God given talent. We should hate him but find ourselves unable to. It would be like hating a young Freddy Mercury.  He has that kind of total package with the voice, the outlandish persona, the clothes, the makeup, and the charisma. Everything he does, like it or not, is filled with plenty of colour. Take him seriously, he is not simply a clown or a performer. Well, he is a performer, but with oodles of talent.

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