It is Tori’s (played by Victoria Justice) second year at Hollywood Arts High School and things do not start off smoothly. Besides the bumps it is a busy year as they will have their first prom. Tori herself is trying to grow as a singer and an actress while having to deal with the escalating rivalry with Jade (played by Elizabeth Gillies).

Episode 1: Beck Falls For Tori: Tori stretches the truth a bit on her CV and it lands her a job…as a stunt double.

Episode 2: Helen Back Again: Principal Eikner leaves Hollywood Arts and the school hires his replacement who is forcing all student to re-audition for their spots.

Episode 3: Locked Up (TV Movie): Courtesy of Tori everyone is getting a free trip to Verba but it ends up being the furthest thing from a dream vacation.

Episode 4: Tori Gets Stuck: Tori gets the lead role in the school play but Jade wants it.

Episode 5: Tori Tortures Teacher: to celebrate his tenth anniversary as a teacher the students take Mr. Sikowitz (played by Eric Lange) to the theatre.

Episode 6: Jade Gets Crushed: Andre (played by Leon Thomas III) ends up with a crush on Jade while working with her on a song.

Episode 7: Who Did it to Trina?: Lane (played by Lane Napper) tries to get to the bottom of what happened when an accident occurs on the opening night of Tori’s directorial debut.

Episode 8: Beggin’ On Your Knees: The cutest boy in school wants to do a duet with Tori and she is excited until she finds out something about him.

Episode 9: Ice Cream for Kesha: Tori is obliged to be Trina’s (played by Daniella Monet) assistant for one month and the only way to escape is to win a private Kesha concert.

Episode 10: Prom Wrecker: Tori gets the gang together to organize a prom and it ends up ruining Jade’s art project.

Episode 11: Terror on Cupcake Street: The gang is driving a giant cupcake in the Parade Parade and get a flat tire in a bad part of town.

Episode 12: Blooptorious: The actor who plays Rex, Christopher Cane, hosts an in-depth look into the actors of Victorious and shows some of the bloopers and outtakes.

Special Features: Seven Secrets with Victoria Justice, Behind the Scenes of “Locked Up”